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Tamara Cucchiara is known as the “The Succulent Diva.”  She is considered the “go to expert” in the community for her unique succulent art, designs, workshops and private events.  Tamara makes public appearances at local nurseries sharing her knowledge on how to propagate, grow, design and care for succulents.

Her succulent knowledge was first recognized in 2010 when she began teaching succulent designs and teaching design workshops to hundreds of volunteers with the Homeless Garden Project and Gift Shop. Her luscious artistic designs have been sold at both HGP retail shops, nurseries, art festivals, farmer’s market, garden shops, galleries, and exhibits.

Philanthropy is a very important component to her business. Tamara supports local and international nonprofits by donating her designs for fundraisers and auctions. In addition, she collaborates with the Master Gardener Society donating her time attending local events to educate the public, donate succulents and garden sustainability.

On a Global note, Tamara’s love for succulents goes much deeper than designing. She believes she has a responsibility and obligation to others and our planet.  Using the drought-friendly succulents contributes to our ecosystem and sustainability of our planet. 

Tamara won three “First Place Awards” last year in the Cactus and Succulent Division at the Santa Cruz County Fair.  One of her highly recognized and revered succulent designs is the award winning 5 ft Succulent Figurine with a Succulent Cocktail Dress.

Her clients traveled from all over the East Bay, South Bay and surrounding Counties to learn from this recognized expert.  Her succulent designs have been recognized as real living by the artist community.


Love Apple Farm

Teen Kitchen Project

Alladin Nursery and Gift Shop

Wisteria Antiques & Designs

Ivy’s Porch


Pro Build Garden Center

Green Thumb

Homeless Garden project

Santa Cruz Artist Community and more …

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